Sunday 14 April, 2024

Why Leather?

Leather is one of the oldest natural materials known to man. But what is it that makes leather so popular after all these years? Leather has a very unique structure made up of millions of tiny hairline fibres which are woven together in an intricate pattern. This allows air and perspiration to pass through and provides good elasticity, which makes it essential for many products, including shoes, clothing, bags and upholstery.

Leather looks and feels rich and luxurious and can be created in a wide range of finishes, from soft and supple to firm and rugged. During the tanning process, leather can be turned into the most vibrant of colours; although, browns and black still remain the most popular. Many leather products become more beautiful and interesting with age; in fact, the more you use a product, the more it acquires a unique character of its very own.

Leather offers protection from wind and cold, and can be made resistant to rain and snow. It is durable, and can be made into products that are timeless, fashionable classics that will last a lifetime.