Friday 19 July, 2024

Stage and Film

Our leather products and trimmings have featured in many films over the years and we are experienced in liaising with production companies and costume departments.

The big historical blockbusters such as Gladiators, Troy, Clash of the Titans, Exodus, Alexander, Robin Hood and Macbeth have all used our leather products. For example, we have manufactured leather thonging to secure historic armoury, leather wrappings around wrists and legs, leather panels for Roman war skirts, edge binding for horse rugs and even fringing for a Kings bed!

More modern films such as Harry Potter, Transformers, Wonder Woman and The Mummy have also used our leather fringing and lacing, with The Mummy using a luxurious metallic gold double back to back strapping for their costumes.

For the 2018 Britain’s Got Talent live shows, we provided long leather strips for a contestant’s elaborate costume; although she didn’t win, her costume looked stunning on stage.

The medieval fantasy epic, Game of Thrones, have required our leather bindings for their historical costumes.

Leather can be used not only in costumes but as props. For the touring production of War Horse, we were asked to provide leather strips for the reins of the puppet horses.

The English National Opera used our edge binding for canvas luggage bags on stage and the Royal Shakespeare Company used hundreds of black leather strips for a shaggy dog costume in a production at Stratford-upon-Avon.

Closer to home, we have provided leather skins to use as props in the local production of Made in Dagenham.