Thursday 18 July, 2024

Sports and Pastimes

Leather can be very tough and strong, making it ideal for the demands of various sporting and pastime pursuits. Below are a few examples of work we have produced for our customers. 

Our edge binding has been used on saddles and we have provided embossed labels for horse rugs. On a smaller scale, we have made horse straps for rocking horses.

We were asked to develop a golf yardage book holder for an international event, hosted in America. Each of the card holders were individually named for the team members and needed to be delivered within tight deadlines. We have provided embossed labels for putter holders and we have also press cut putter shapes using our 20 tonne press machine.

We have manufactured strips of leather for the handles of Long bows and we have produced finger guards to help protect hands.

Leather is used around luxury yachts and we have supplied suede binding for handrails and leather binding to edge carpets.

We were asked to perforate and edge skive leather strips to be applied on bicycle handles for added grip.

We have provided edge binding for photography bags to give durability and style for the photographer’s equipment.

We have produced leather picnic rug holders with buckles and provided leather straps and decorative items for a very exclusive picnic basket designed by a French fashion designer.

For those who love reading as a pastime, we were asked to make some mini colourful tassels, which were attached to bookmarks and sold in a selection of bookstores.