Friday 19 July, 2024

Haberdashery Items

The flexibility of leather means that it can be used in many home furnishing items, beyond leather chairs and sofas.

Leather can look stunning when mixed with other materials. Years of working with leather has helped us understand how it reacts with other materials and we are able to help our customers when designing these unique items.

We have been asked to produce many leather products found in haberdashery shops used as trimmings in interior design projects. These can be used for restoring leather chairs, adding leather piping cord to the edge of cushions, or computer perforated patterns and fringing for decorative purposes, our products have many applications. Read more about our interior design bespoke service.

We enjoy designing and making bespoke leather items, so if you would like to create your own haberdashery range or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.