Sunday 14 April, 2024

Leather Binding Origins

The history of leather binding can be traced to circa 813 / 814 B.C. from the Carthaginians in modern Tunisia. They were noted for their commercial astuteness.

Carthage, was an ancient city and nation in the territory of modern Tunisia, founded in 813 / 814 B.C. as a colony of Tyre of Phoenicia. According to legend, the founder of Carthage was Elissa, who fled from Tyre after her husband Sychaeus had been assassinated by her brother Pygmalion, King of Tyre.

Elissa, was permitted to have only as much land as a cowhide would cover, so in order to acquire a large area she cut a hide into narrow strips and joined them together, which is effectively like the leather binding we produce today.

The citadel, which the encircling leather binding encompassed was thereafter known as the Byrsa.