Thursday 18 July, 2024


Leather is certainly no stranger to the fashion industry. It is used across numerous products from the traditional coats, handbags and shoes to more adventurous applications on shirts, jewellery and hats.

We enjoy being involved in new product developments and can use our extensive knowledge of working with leather to help achieve the desired look and feel without compromising on durability. Below are a few examples of work we have produced for our customers in the fashion industry.

Not only have we made handbag straps in numerous designs, we have also provided press cut panels for bag components, edge binding and embossed luggage labels. We have even covered very thick coring in leather for a handle to be attached to reusable tote bags.

Accessories for customising bags are increasingly popular and we produce many variations of tassels in leather and suede to use on zip pulls or as a larger statement piece.

We have manufactured the classic piping and binding used to hide the seams of coats along with leather buttons and elbow patches. For a highly unique order, we were asked to make fringing from hand-painted leather to be applied to a jacket for an American singer-songwriter.

We also make toggle loop sets which are commonly found on winter coats, the loop is made from a woven centre cord covered in leather, stitched and trimmed, which gives strength to this product.

Some of the UK’s top fashion designers are renowned for their unique designs. We were asked to create strips linked with rope which were used around the sleeves of men’s t-shirts.

Leather edge binding is used extensively in the footwear industry and we produce the toe posts for sandals, top edge binding and welting for boots.

We have produced specialised piping and binding for the fire brigade’s reflective uniform and have also supplied items to the Royal Military, including chin straps for their helmets.

Leather comes in many colours and can be skived very thin, making it an ideal product to be used in the production of jewellery and hair accessories. We have made hair clips, tassels for earrings and bracelets.