Friday 19 July, 2024

Press Cut Shapes

Leather can be cut into any shape and size using our 20 tonne press machine. Having a press knife made for a specific shape speeds up production and reduces waste, while maintaining 100% accuracy of the required component.  

We have hundreds of press knife shapes in stock, from simple circles and squares in various sizes to more intricate shapes such as perforated patterns and pre-punched wrist bands.

Along with our 20 tonne press machine, we have also invested in a computerised perforation machine that can create detailed embossing or punched patterns on continuous strips of binding. Our customers have used this to create striking designs on numerous items from fashion belts to haberdashery projects.  

For bespoke shapes we are able to order specific knives using artwork supplied by our customers. We will provide proofs and costings for knives, as naturally, the costs vary with the complexity of the required shape or design.