Friday 19 July, 2024

Interior Design

The flexibility of leather means that it can be used in many home furnishing items, beyond leather chairs and sofas.

Leather can look stunning when mixed with other materials. Years of working with leather has helped us understand how it reacts with other materials and we are able to help our customers when designing these unique items. Below are a few examples of interior design work we have produced for our customers. 

Curtain Tiebacks
Leather tiebacks for curtains have become very popular in recent years and can add a luxurious look and feel to feature windows. Working with our customers we have designed and developed stunning handmade tiebacks with both leather and suede incorporating buckles and perforated designs.

Curtain Pole Finials
For curtain pole finials, we were asked to cover a range of wooden shapes, cut and colour-die the edges and stitch detailing along the seems.

Carpets and Rugs
For a feature staircase, our leather edge binding has been applied to the edge of carpet runners and has also been used around the edges of exclusive rugs.

We have covered wooden lamp shades and other home furnishing items to a high degree of quality that fits well in any designer home. We have even braided leather around a metal cone for a base of a lampshade.

Retail and Restaurant Interiors
A well-known restaurant chain contacted us to help create visually stunning staircases with extensive leather thonging. We have even used our experience to make leather wrappings to cover long staircase handrails.

A London fashion designer asked us to cover a table top to be used in their flagship London Fashion Boutique; along with leather straps for shelves and another flagship store ordered a giant belt that was displayed in Regents Street, London. 

We have produced handles for stools to go in changing rooms for a UK clothes retailer.

Hotels are often remodelling or repairing existing interior designs, and we have been involved in many of these projects, whether it’s providing leather piping for cushions and chairs, to leather coasters.

Leather can be used with so many other products and its grip makes it a great option for handles.

As well as traditional leather handles on all types of bags, over the years our leather products have been used on internal doors, kitchen cabinet handles and bathroom light pulls. We have even manufactured handles for the German underground trains for commuters to hold onto.

Haberdashery Items 
We have been asked to produce many leather products found in haberdashery shops used as trimmings in interior design projects. These can be used for restoring leather chairs, adding leather cord to the edge of cushions, or computer-embossed patterns for decorative purposes, our products have many applications.